Artificial Eyebrows

Here is the latest artificial eyebrow from Japan.
easy to fix It’s so real and hygienic so natural Medical glued sheet with 0.02mm thickness selectable from following colours

Dark Brown

Light Black

Pure Brown (Ladies model only)

Gray (white 30%, Black 70%)

hand made by specially trained staff world patented technology moisture and sweat free sheet tested at authorized laboratory for skin

Classification & price

(include GST 10 %)
Design & Measurement
* for semi-order and Full order model
including special advice from eyebrow expert
1 ¥3,300
*Not compulsory, person who wish to be fit by us only
*include cleaning, best place positioning
1 ¥3,500
Semi-Order made (additional)
*Re-shaping ready made eyebrow
*Design & measurement required
1 ¥1,500
Full Order Made Eyebrows
*make your own eyebrow
*select one colour from 21colour samples)
*Design & measurement required
*Order must given by 5sets or 10 sets per time
1set ¥22,880~
Self cut model (3sets in package)
*Provided as it manufactured (with long hair)
*cut and shape as you like
3set Female:¥25,580
Delivery Charge (within Japan)
*posted by courier
*reachs 3 business days from order
*”Payment at delivery” charges ¥1,250 as postal fee
*Purchase over ¥50,000, free delivery charge
*To overseas, please inquire to the management.
1 ¥680
Free re-sizing
*Only for Junior High school student or youngers below 15 years old.
no limit ¥0
*Small size
*best to re-shape and cut hair
1 ¥1,980

Ladie’s Eyebrows (1 set)

(include GST 10 %)
Trial Plan
ready to wear Measurement not required
1 set ¥10,940
5 Sets Plan (5sets)
(¥10,536 per eyebrows)
5 sets ¥52,680
10 Sets Plan (10set)
(¥10,348 per eyebrows)
10 sets ¥103,480

Men’s Eyebrows (1 set)

(include GST 10 %)
Trial Plan
ready to wear at same day Measurement not required
1 set ¥12,680
5 Sets Plan (5set)
ready to wear at same day Measurement not required
5 sets ¥59,980
10 Sets Plan (10set) 10 set ¥114,980

real examples

Monitor’s real photo 1

Monitor’s real photo 2

Monitor’s real photo 3

how to order


  • Ready Made   Available
  • Semi-Order Made & Full Order Made
      Semi-Order Made   3 days
      Full Order Made    appr. 60 days


STEP 1 Call/email “Serendip Japan” and make an appointment
STEP 2 visit the salon, your natural eyebrow will be designed by our technical staff after consultation.
masurement of eyebrow, patch test for safety use
finalise your order from the menu (Ready made not required design and mesurement)
STEP 3 strat manifacturing eyebrow at factory after receiving patch test result (about 50 days)
STEP 4 making of eyebrow at workshop (about 2 weeks)
STEP 5 visit the salon and fitting

* Please note that required time may longer, if order is in the cue.
* Ready made are available only limited numbers. If your purchase order is confirmed in advance, there are no waiting time!

for more inquiries, please call

Call:+81-47-318-3918 attntion:Mr. Watanabe


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